Using our specialist machine, we blast compressed air into the ground at various depths down to 1 meter which ruptures the ground thus creating voids. These voids are then back filled with drainage material to keep the voids open creating a network of soakaway drains.

There will be very little disruption. You should see a hole of approximate 30mm every 1 meter which the grass will grow over. In some cases there may be ground lift but this will settle over time. Water trapped in the subsoil can be blasted out of the ground also but we will clean up after ourselves.

Yes it works! Getting air into poor soil and keeping it free draining can only improve your drainage.

We use a specialised absorbent stone material similar to terramol used in the art of Bonsai.

Depending on the size of your garden, the whole process can take from 2-4 hours approximately.

We cover all areas but further afield will have a travel charge and may have a slightly longer wait time.

Because of the material we use, we believe this should be a one off service. Depending on grass maintenance and soil conditions it may benefit from another application after a few years.

Lawns, planters, trees, sports surfaces (golf, football, rugby), gravel driveways.


As long as we have access to your garden, we are self efficient and will document your service.

If you are looking at our service, perhaps your existing drainage is not doing its job. Our service will help and can also rejuvenate existing drains.

Our system is approximately 80% less expensive with little disruption. There’s also no messy dig up of your garden, having to returf etc.

As part of our guarantee, we will carry out another application free of charge.

If pets (and humans) could be kept indoors during the process. Our drainage material is safe and won’t cause any harm but we advise that your pet does not eat it.

There is no additional aftercare other than standard grass maintenance practices.

If your issue is flooding, there should be an instant improvement. If the problem is deeper down into the ground, it will take longer for improvements. Depending on weather conditions, it can take around 4 weeks.

Say no more to a flooded garden

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